Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Turning Student-Led Presentations into Blog Posts

Ever since the idea of turning student-led presentation posts into blog posts was conceived last year, there's been quite a lot of confusion about the process. This post shall serve as a guide to teach interns how to properly convert a Google Slides presentations to a Blogger post. 
  1. Use the same title. 
  2. Give yourself credit in the intro paragraph. 
  3. Write a paragraph per slide or however many as deemed appropriate.
  4. Write down what is said verbally; don't simply copy and paste from the presentation. 
  5. Link the presentation. 
  6. Upload visuals to make the blog post more interesting. 
The reason why interns can't simply link their presentation is that, following presentation etiquette, there should be few words per slide since the presenter should be elaborating on the bullet points rather than reading off of the slide. This also gives interns the chance to add anything helpful that may have been omitted while presenting. 

If you need any additional help converting your skills presentation into a blog post, feel free to ask for assistance from anyone on the DCI Website team. 

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