In the Spring 2018 Semester, Digital Communications Internship created the Podcast team, a new group that publishes weekly on Podbean. Visit the Arcadia Unified Student Podcast Podbean account here. Listen on iTunes here.

Team Info

Season 1 Manager | Jeffrey Lee Team Members | Katie Wen, Reiko Inoue, Kelly Li, Lulan Yu, Pengchi Xiao, Jarett Yip, Brandon Chen

Season 2
Manager | Jeffrey Lee Team Members | Leila Nunez, Lulan Yu, Lawrence Sung, Sarah T. Wang, Jarett Yip, Katie Wen, Brandon Chen, Reiko Inoue

Season 1
#1 A Quick Introduction with the Arcadia Unified Student Podcast Team In this episode, the Arcadia Unified Student Podcast Team will be introducing themselves and sharing what they have in store for future episodes to come. Enjoy!

#2 A Sit-down Interview with a Gov Team Member and 10 Things to Do in LA! Jeffrey Lee interviews his brother on what it's like to be a member of the Arcadia High School Constitution Team while Lulan Yu shares her thoughts on the top 10 things to do in LA.

#3 An Interview with the Yearbook PR Director and Where To Go Out For Food Next!

In this episode, Jeffrey Lee and Katie Wen interview a couple of their friends about their favorite places to eat out at in Arcadia, while Pengchi Xiao interviews the Yearbook PR Director, Kelly Li, to tell you all about the class.

#4 Leadership: Interview with SMW Member, Best Study Spots in Arcadia, and Sit-Down Interview with Link Crew Member!
This week, the Podcast Team decided to focus on leadership. Jarett Yip interviewed a Senior Men and Women member, or an SMW member. Reiko Inoue collected a few opinions on students' favorite study spots in Arcadia, and Brandon Chen interviewed a Link Crew member.

#5 Sit-Down interview with a Science Olympiad Captain, and First Sadies Experience!
In this week's episode, Jeffrey Lee heard from Ethan Chen, a Science Olympiad Captain. Lulan Yu also shared her first experience at the Sadies dance.

#6 Sit-Down Interviews with the Math Team Captain and AHS Walkout Co-Organizer, plus Special Food Segment! In this week's episode, Kelly Li interviews William Shue, the Math Team Captain, about the workings of Math Team, while Jeffrey Lee scores an interview with his brother, Frank Lee, discussing reflections on the AHS Walkout and what to do next. As an added bonus, some members of the podcast team also contribute what their favorite school food is!

#7 Sit-Down Interview with AHS NHS President, Arcadia Invitational Segment, and Interview with Badminton Player! In this week's episode, podcast member Reiko Inoue takes the job of being the host as the regular, host, Jeffrey Lee, is recovering from a sore throat. Also in this week's episode, Reiko interviews Arcadia High School's National Honor Society (NHS) President Sara Maung to find out what NHS is all about, while Lulan Yu informs us all about the Arcadia Invitational, and Reiko interviews AHS Varsity Badminton team member Katelyn Khaing to discover the secret to their undefeated season so far.

#8 Sit-Down Interview with AHS FBLA Director of Activities, Thoughts on Arcadia Invitational, and Interviews at Spring Preview!

In this week's episode, podcast host Jeffrey Lee interviews the Arcadia High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter's Director of Activities to find out about FBLA and how their recent trip to Ontario for their State Competition went. Also, podcast member Lulan Yu wraps up the Arcadia Invitational with her opinion on how things went in one of the biggest meets in the country. Last but not least, podcast members Jarett Yip and Pengchi Xiao interviewed many people that participated in Spring Preview, ranging from an SMW member to an incoming freshman to Dr. Forsee.

#9 Sit-Down Interview with Orchesis Member, Podcasting 101, and Double Interview with Art Teachers!

In this week's episode, the host, Jeffrey Lee, interviews Scarlet Yang, and Orchesis member, to discover what Orchesis is all about, along with what dance means to her, while podcast team member Katie Wen shares her thoughts on the process of podcasting, and podcast team member Reiko Inoue interviews two Arcadia High School art teachers, Ms. Weaver, and Ms. Bradley, about the upcoming art show happening later this week.

#10 Sit-down Interview about AP Tests with Darius Jing, Update on the AHS Baseball Team, and Double Interview with the AHS App Development Team!

This week, podcast member Lulan Yu interviews Yale-bound, straight A’s, track star, and amazing DCI member himself, Darius Jing, while host Jeffrey Lee provides a quick update on the AHS baseball team's continued success. Last but not least, podcast member Reiko Inoue interviews two of the minds behind Arcadia High School’s new app, Seongwook Jang and Jessica Chou!

#11 Interview with New ASB President, and Ideas For What To Do During Your Summer!

In this week's episode, podcast host Jeffrey Lee cooks up a few tough questions for the new ASB president, Alvin Tran, while he and a couple of other podcast members seek to find out what to do during summer by asking their friends what their summer plans are.

#12 Interview with AHS Valedictorian, Favorite Classes, and Yanny vs. Laurel!

In this week's episode, podcast host Jeffrey Lee interviews the amazing Arcadia High School valedictorian, Stella Cho, on her journey to becoming valedictorian, while various other podcast members talk about their favorite classes. Last but not least, podcast member Lulan Yu tackles one of the most pressing questions of our generation: is it Yanny, or Laurel?

Season 2

#1 Hello from the New Podcast Team and Sit-down Discussion with Podcast Member Lawrence Sung!

Welcome to the second season of the Arcadia Unified Student Podcast!

In this episode, the new 2018-2019 Arcadia Unified Student Podcast Team will be introducing themselves as well as speaking about the mission they are working to accomplish with the podcast this year. In addition, host Jeffrey Lee will be discussing with podcast member Lawrence Sung about how far live reporting should go in times of danger. Enjoy!

#2 Live Interviews with Staff and Students at the Staff Appreciation Game and Sit-down Interviews with ASB Historian Aaron Wu and Orchestra Member Charisse Liu!

Season Two's second episode is filled with live interviews from our beloved staff and students at the Staff Appreciation Football Game. In addition, host Jeffrey Lee interviews ASB Historian Aaron Wu about the process that goes behind planning homecoming and prom, while podcast member Leila Nunez explores Arcadia High School's brand new talent show with Orchestra member Charisse Liu.

#3 Live Interview with Arcadia’s Got Talent Winner Calvin Nguyen!

In Season 2's third episode, host Jeffrey Lee has a live sit-down interview with the hilarious Arcadia's Got Talent Winner Calvin Nguyen on his act, his creative process, and his humor, and how to deal with stage fright.

#4 California’s New Net Neutrality Law and Sit-Down Interview with a Chanteurs Music Associate!

In this week's episode, podcast team resident tech guy Jarett Yip will inform you about California’s relatively recent net neutrality protection law, as well as what it means to you. Then, new podcast team member Grace Lee will be interviewing Chanteurs music associate Mikayla Hwee about their performance last week with California’s oldest show choir and the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra.

#5 The Speech and Debate Competition Experience and AHS’s Varsity Water Polo Team’s CIF First Round Victory!

In this week's episode, podcast member Sarah Wang will interview Varsity Speech and Debate member Filbert Aung about the relatively recent Screaming Eagles Invite tournament our very own AHS Speech and Debate team competed in. Finally, host Jeffrey Lee will be interviewing Varsity water polo player Christian Lowe on Arcadia High School’s varsity water polo team’s victory against Chaparral High School just a few days ago.

#6 A Tribute to Coach Iosia

"Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you." - Shannon L. Adler

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