Sunday, September 11, 2016

Website Team

The Digital Communications Internship Website team manages the website, tweaks the template code, writes posts, formulates ideas, and encourages other interns to contribute to it. Members of this team must be proficient in writing and copy editing. Preferably, they would have skills in coding (HTML and CSS). 

Since the website is for DCI and all about DCI, posts should reflect it. (Note that we are not posting about events and such; that content is reserved for the AUSD social media pages.) This website is usually where prospective and new interns go when they want to learn more about the program. 

Managing the Website

If any problems arise, the Website Team will be ready to solve it, from formatting problems to template glitches to grammar errors.

Tweaking the Template Code

Getting into the blog's nitty-gritty foundational code is only necessary every so often. So far, the only instance I've run across that requires this is creating a new page; the website's pages bar is maxed out currently, so any new pages will spill over into an undesirable and incomplete second row. 

To fix this, first, go to and click on "Theme" on the sidebar. That'll bring you to this page above. Next, click the "Edit HTML" button. 

You will see a big box full of code. The code for the navigation bar will be near the top. Check that it contains the new page you added. (It will be at the bottom of the list.)

Since the list is tagged with the id "topBar", hit Ctrl+F or Command+F and search "#topBar" to find the internal CSS block that controls the navigation bar contents. Reduce the width in #topBar ul until all the pages can fit on one row. (Reduce it in increments so that you can find that perfect sweet spot; if you make the width too small, there will be space left over and the bar will look asymmetrical.) 

There may be more problems regarding the website's template code in the future, so it would be very helpful to learn some HTML and CSS if you haven't already. 

Writing Posts, Formulating Ideas, and Encouraging Others to Contribute
These three tasks all fall under writing and gathering info. Interns on the Website Team are responsible for coming up with post ideas (at least a few per month). There are three options regarding the creation of posts. 

  1. Write it entirely yourself.
  2. Collaborate with other DCI interns. For example, you can gather multiple quotes from others while writing the intro and conclusion, titling the post, and inserting pictures yourself. 
  3. Ask other members to write posts. Usually, this option should only be used when members themselves lack enough knowledge to complete it themselves. The Student-Led Presentation and Team Guide posts will be written this way. 
After all your hard work writing a blog post, don't forget to run it through Grammarly! You can also ask fellow Website Team members to help review before publishing. 

More Tips

In the blog post editor, set the font and size to Arial Normal. 
Always make pictures "X-Large" since the template scales photos to fit the width of the article. If the image is too small in the editor, it will appear pixelated when enlarged. 

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