Monday, March 13, 2017

DCI at USC High School Journalism Day

DCI spends the day at the Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism at USC. A dozen DCI students attended USC’s High School Journalism Day along with another 100 students from eight other high schools in the Los Angeles area.

According to the Daily Trojan, which DCI was featured in, “The biannual event, which is in its fourth year, began as an initiative of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in collaboration with Jaime Carias, the Annenberg Civic Engagement Coordinator. The event has expanded to include the National Association for Black Journalists and the Annenberg Latino Student Association. The agenda included an introduction by Willow Bay, the director of Annenberg, a keynote speech by KABC-TV news anchor and USC alum Marc Brown, and a variety of smaller workshops on a plethora of journalism and communication techniques.” Read the full article from the Daily Trojan here.

DCI students learned a lot from the workshops that were led by USC professors and were inspired by touring the school’s impressive media lab and campus. DCI greatly appreciates and thanks USC for this wonderful educational experience.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

DCI Covers the 128th Rose Parade!

DCI was smelling the roses at the 128th Rose Parade held in Pasadena on January 2, 2017! DCI was rubbing elbows and covering the parade with media from all over the world. The prestigious parade had a very strong Arcadia presence which featured the Arcadia High School Marching Band, Royal Court Princesses Emi and Maya, AHS Boy and Girl Scouts, and AUSD student and staff volunteers and ambassadors. DCI was there to cover it all taking pictures from front row and media seats. DCI's pictures and videos were seen by thousands of people on the Arcadia Unified School District Facebook page! The Facebook video below has already been shared nearly 200 times and has been viewed more than 25,000 times as of this posting just a couple days after the parade.

DCI also took almost 500 photos at the parade which were seen by thousands of people! Great job and thank you DCI for your terrific coverage of the Rose Parade! Congratulations to the many Apaches who participated in the Rose Parade, including the 4 DCI students that marched in the parade with the band! Way to go, Courtney, Jamill, Matt, and Jarett!

DCI also got to meet CNN reporter Paul Vercammen! Mr. Foran and Mr. Vercammen worked at the same ABC TV station in Santa Barbara.

DCI's Jamill Lemon Marching in the Rose Parade! 
A special thanks to Jeannette Collier and everyone at the Tournament of Roses for being such gracious hosts to DCI and everyone from Arcadia Unified! We greatly appreciate it and were very impressed with the organization of the parade. It was remarkable! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why DCI: A Student's Perspective

Sarah Wang (2nd from left) covering an AHS football game for DCI

After completing her first semester in the Arcadia Unified School District Digital Communications Internship (DCI) program, sophomore Sarah Wang wrote the following on her application for the Spring 2017 semester. It was very eloquently written and truly spoke to the mission of DCI, and what we are trying to accomplish. Sarah graciously agreed to have her words shared publicly which we greatly appreciate because we couldn't have said it any better than this:

"DCI has opened up my world in so many different ways. I’ve learned so much, met so many people, and created many wonderful, valuable experiences. Prior to joining DCI, I’d never touched a DSLR camera and only applied hoping to grab the secretary position. I’m so proud of myself and my fellow DCI interns for having come so far in just one semester!

Now, I can easily operate a camera, manage social media accounts, work in iMovie, write and produce videos, and communicate effectively with others. I’ve discovered new passions through DCI and now I take my DSLR with me everywhere I go. If I can make such a great impact on my life and the lives of others in just a few months, I can only imagine the amazing opportunities that lay ahead. I hope to sharpen my skills so I can give back to our community and continue to make an impact on others through my work in DCI and social media.

Given the opportunity, I’d be thrilled to work again with all these incredibly talented interns I now consider family and set a shining example for not just the new interns, but the entire community. If I could start the year over again, I know applying to DCI would be my first priority because DCI has been one of the best investments of my time. Not only have I learned to work in the fields of digital communications, photojournalism, event planning, and marketing, I’ve also learned the value of time-management, communication, responsibility, teamwork, and working hard. DCI has absolutely fulfilled and gone above and beyond the hopes and goals I made for myself at the beginning of the semester, and I very much hope that I’ll get to experience that feeling again."

-Sarah Wang, AHS 2019

Thursday, October 27, 2016

DCI Attends AUSD Board of Education Meeting

Every semester DCI visits a Board of Education meeting to learn about the important role of the AUSD Board of Education and its members. DCI had a pizza dinner before the meeting, and was taught about the purpose and function of the Board of Education. Then DCI attended the meeting and observed the governing board in action.

In order to understand and promote the District, it's vital that DCI members understand that the Board of Education oversees and approves all programs and aspects within the District. It's also important that the students meet and see each of the board members, so they can be properly recognized when DCI is reporting on different District events.